Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hey, little growlers. This is just a quick message to announce that the first issue of Decibel Magazine containing my writing has now been released. I’m humbled to not only be among many of the finest writers in the rock industry (I just started to type some of their names, and ended up naming 85% of them without looking), but to also have my first articles within a tribute issue to Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman. Justin M. Norton put together an amazing piece of Hanneman’s life and legacy, and there are quotes from dozens of musicians paying their respects. As for my own content, it breaks down like this:

Page 18-19: Obscene Extreme Festival 2013 preview - I reached out to Curby, the festival’s mastermind, and received a goldmine in DIY touring insanity, complete with machetes, punches, extortion, and just enough triumph to make it all worth it. He’s one of the most positive dudes you’ll meet in the metal community, and I also received much appreciated memories and contributions from Desecration’s Ollie Jones, Fleshless vocalist Vladimir Prokos, and Shane Embury from the mighty Napalm Death.

Page 34: Deeds of Flesh profile - Erik Lindmark took a Friday afternoon to shoot the shit with me on the phone, talking about death metal, science-fiction, and tendonitis. He was massively accommodating and a total interview pro, making it beautifully easy for me. Hopefully he couldn’t tell how nervous I was talking to a guy whose music first made me feel invincible back when I was 16, when I was wearing jeans embarrassingly large for my waist, which was something like 18 inches around at the time.

Page 102: Serpent Throne’s Brother Lucifer review - I won’t reprint the review here, but I gave this instrumental blast of dusty retro rock and harmonized guitars an 8 out of 10. It’s very good, and should totally be appreciated by anyone who likes rock music. No screaming, no growling, just killer riffs on this Vietnam-era concept album.

I also want to thank everyone who has frequented this site. We just hit 5,000 unique views recently, which is nothing more than a huge validation of the devoted metal fan base and of the talent of the bands I’m lucky enough to listen to. Writing these reviews has never once felt like work, and I thank the artists for sharing their talents with us all. More reviews to come soon, but I’m gonna take the day off and re-read issue #105. God damn is this magazine awesome.

Order the issue over here as part of a 4-issue Slayer bundle:

Or subscribe already, you huge dildo. At $29.95 for a whole year this is one of the biggest bargains out there:

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