Thursday, May 2, 2013


Kung Fu Breakfast just released issue #7 yesterday, offering a twisted roster of artists all sharing work with the theme “Tales of the Internet.” It’s a wildly imaginative and deeply compelling collaborative effort, with artists from coast to coast exploring the horrors of the interwebz.

Also, check out that amazing cover art from Brittany Bindrim, who was FEATURED HERE on Mister Growl not long ago! Now you can see why I was foaming at the mouth in anticipation of this issue. There’s also great photography/poetry from editor/mastermind Jay Kantor, more beautiful artwork from Mister Growl-alum Caitlin Anne, experimental fiction from Jacob Hensen, and a supremely awesome bit of pitch-black tragic humor from Sean Whiteman I encourage everyone to check out. My own entry, “Kilobytes,” is the story of a remorseless internet scam artist descending into paranoia.

You can download the issue for FREE after signing up for a MagCloud account. It takes you two minutes, stop whining:

(It does include mature content, like profanity, disturbing images, and graphic nudity. If you’re like me that makes you want it even more.)

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