Saturday, March 23, 2013


The first official guest post is still on the way, with a half-dozen good samaritans lined up to submit reviews to Mister Growl. Most of the contributors will be open-minded non-metal fans sharing their thoughts on artists including Torche, The Hooded Menace, Evoken, and The Shrine. But today we have Jess, from the fantastic blog “Jessicana,” sharing her thoughts on bad-ass gardening and the “Top Seven Most Metal Plant Varieties.” Jess is also the owner of the Jeezum Crow Vintage shop, a great source of unique, funky clothes and accessories. She also recently discovered the magic of Hisingen Blues, the masterpiece album from Swedish hard rockers Graveyard. One of these days she will definitely be a denim-clad stoner metal warrior. Enjoy her insightful and consistently hilarious posts over at “Jessicana” and check out her business at the links below.

Find her post, Nature is a (Goth) Whore, here:

And peruse the treasure chest of vintage items at Jeezum Crow over here:

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