Saturday, March 16, 2013


I was recently able to catch Howl on tour and watch them play with Pilgrim and Samothrace over at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn and they absolutely owned the night, playing some favorites from Full of Hell while also sharing cuts from the upcoming album, Bloodlines. I’m eagerly awaiting the album’s North American release on April 30th and expect to review it here with all the passion of Nosferatu finally touching a sleeping lady’s boob. Not that I’m pro-sleep molestation, but that dude put in his lonely castle-dwelling time. There's a link to some early information on it so you can geek out at the beautiful album art and anticipate this record as rabidly as I am.

Anyway, at the show I spotted Howl patches at the merch table and decided that my vest was in need of an upgrade. I’m usually a passionate advocate for the DIY aesthetic but I think this is one helluva good upgrade:

My homemade patch, which was just Sharpie marker and some cheap-ass red pen that miserable middle school teachers use to crush dreams on student essays:

They’re currently slaying at SXSW. Follow the links below to some goodies and support this awesome band, even if it’s just with a $4 patch.

Find info on Howl and Bloodlines here:

And pre-order the album while listening to their amazing discography over at Bandcamp:

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