Sunday, March 31, 2013


This past autumn I started contributing short fiction to an art zine based in the West Coast called Kung Fu Breakfast. One of the perks of working with a community of artists like this is sharing work with other creative people whose pieces appear alongside yours (and make your work look even better). I was lucky enough to have my featured story this month in an issue with a cover painted by Caitlin Anne, an “illustrator, artist, and friend to all creatures great and small.” Caitlin Anne’s towering fox-giants are just the beginning of her strange, beautiful world. I encourage every reader to follow the links to enjoy her artwork, it makes you believe the world has plenty of magic and secrets left.

Visit her official website here:

Check out the newest issue of Kung Fu Breakfast featuring both of our material here (it’s a FREE digital download if you sign up for a free Magcloud account):

And take a further look into her creative process at her Tumblr:

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