Monday, December 2, 2013


Hey, strangers. It’s the time of year where respected publications release their annual lists of top albums, and the fiendish scavengers of the interwebz nibble them apart. The arguments are part of the fun, so be sure to pick up this issue listing Decibel Magazine’s Top 40 Extreme Albums of 2013. No spoilers here, but I’ll be sharing my own personal list of the year’s top albums this week. There’s also an amazing piece on the legendary King Diamond, a Hall of Fame introduction for Integrity, and an exclusive Toxic Holocaust flexi-disc for subscribers. Here’s what I contributed to the issue:

Page 26: Mortal Decay - The Blueprint for Blood Splatter profile. What a cool group of dudes. Joe Gordon was my main contact, but the members chipped in to give me great insight into their creative process and the time commitments necessary for working-class guys to have a successful death metal band. I have a ton of respect for this band, and their album is exceptionally brutal.

Page 84: Hail of Bullets - III: The Rommel Chronicles review. Solid album for fans of Dissection and especially Bolt Thrower. It’s a concept album about one of Hitler’s field generals, and I suggest you not only listen to this album, but also read up on Rommel, because his tragic story is fascinating. My first draft included the tagline “How’d you Nazi this concept album coming?” I was justifiably asked by an editor if it was intentionally retarded. I have since learned my lesson regarding puns. I gave it 7/10.

Pages 43, 44, and 46: Top 5 Lists. Just a few silly lists lining the pages, including “Top 5 Substances Staining my Battle Vest in 2013,” “Top 5 Athlete Nicknames that could be Stoner Bands,” and “Top 5 Press Releases Genres of 2013.”

I have a couple more pieces in next month’s issue, so more on that in a few weeks. This issue should be on shelves now if you’re still one of those weirdos who ventures into the real world to buy things. Just order stuff online like the rest of us Morlocks.

Go over here to subscribe to Decibel Magazine. At $29.95 for a whole year this is one of the biggest bargains out there. The editors and writing staff are fantastic, and the design is sleek and filled with trippy illustrations. Definitely worth your money:

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