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The transcendental, transformative mystique of road tripping is alive and well in America. Popularized by Jack Kerouac and the Beats, the lure of the road and thrill of being a stranger in a strange place still inspires wanderlust to this day. Vlogger Ella Eranthis was kind enough to take some time to discuss her series of videos with me, and answer some questions about her documented adventures. Read on for her thoughts on hauntings, extra-terrestrial life, and her Jurassic Park survival tactics:

Mister Growl: For those unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your travel videos and vlog?

Ella Eranthis: A very colorful compilation of travel sights, hopefully with a feeling of actually being there for anyone who watches.

Mister Growl: I described your videos to a friend as No Reservations (with Anthony Bourdain) meets Green Porno (with Isabella Rosselini), with the trippy camerawork of a Darren Aronofsky film. Who are some of your creative inspirations?

Ella Eranthis: I love your description, thank you! For as long as I can remember Brigitte Bardot was my inspiration. I am drawn to her love for animals and life in general. Some things she says I don’t agree with, but I love her movies. Other than that I watch Youtube videos all the time - I think online video is a completely different medium and will eventually become as powerful as movies and TV, but will always be different.

Mister Growl: In your most recent video you visited a supposedly haunted hotel in New Orleans. Did anyone at the hotel share a backstory on the hauntings?

Ella Eranthis: I was creating my video all the time and did not speak to anyone, only when ordering room service. If I ever stay there again I must ask someone. I have my own experience - I definitely sensed something different there, and some strange energy all the time.

Mister Growl: New Orleans happens to be the home of some of my favorite bands (such as Eyehategod, Acid Bath, Goatwhore, and Soilent Green), but I’ve never visited before. Did you get a chance to see much more of the city, and what were you thoughts?

Ella Eranthis: I have Acid Bath’s “Scream of the Butterfly” on my iPod and it is hauntingly beautiful ...must check out the other bands. I saw a lot of New Orleans and filmed almost entire French Quarter and Canal Street. This video will be posted soon. Some of the footage looks gothic and haunted, it’s all dark with lanterns. I was amazed at the beauty of this city. I want to go back there and film some more! What I noticed is that people are incredibly sharp in New Orleans; very intuitive. They figure out quickly what you might want to buy or order and it’s so right on. They are less pragmatic, more intuitive.

Mister Growl: Another video of your Louisiana trip showed you cuddling with a baby alligator, and you later shoot footage of watching sharks in an aquarium. Do you have pets of your own, and are they deadly predators?

Ella Eranthis: Not at the moment because I travel so much. If I wanted one it would probably be a dog or a cat or both. But I love all animals and am very curious about creatures who live in the water. The experience of holding the alligator was unusual. I was surprised how much I connected with it. I held it in my arms and it looked into my eyes and I felt a connection. The alligator had strange, surprisingly soulful eyes and was vulnerable and friendly and I felt it was up to me to take care of it.

Mister Growl: You had previously stayed in another hotel with some suspicious, possibly supernatural occurrences. Are you just a ghost magnet, and have you had prior experiences with phantoms?

Ella Eranthis: Ha ha! I would love to be a ghost magnet; the videos I could make then! But my experiences were very mild compared to what other people described when describing paranormal experiences. Well... it was a little weird when the elevator button switched on its own.... but I would have to say – no, I am still waiting for that ghost...

Mister Growl: My favorite videos were focused on Area 51, sharing another instance of your fascination with the unknown. Do you personally think there are other life forms waiting for us in space, or possibly living amongst us on Earth?

Ella Eranthis: I really don't know. We have Earth and here we have life so it is possible there are other planets with life – the universe is huge. Many people reported seeing strange things and I believe them. But the first thought that came to me when I read your question was: It would be sad if aliens were living on our planet because what that would mean their own planet is unlivable. If that is the case we humans need to watch what we do to our planet.

Mister Growl: How did you first become interested in travel, and what was your first vacation?

Ella Eranthis: My first vacation took place when I was only few months old - literally an infant - my parents took a car trip through Europe. It’s probably not recommended for infants, but somehow here I am addicted to it today. I wake up every day and want to go somewhere to experience something new.

Mister Growl: In most of the videos you’re traveling alone. Do you think people experience a place more completely when they experience it without others?

Ella Eranthis: I think it depends on a person. We are all different. Some people see more while talking to others and some are more observant when alone. For me, yes - I like to travel on my own, I really do what I want to then, and it’s also a journey within, and I have more focus because there is no company to distract. But in a way I do not completely travel alone; I make videos and post them and read all the feedback and observations of others, and it isn’t a completely isolated experience then. I think maybe an answer is good balance - do some sightseeing on your own when you travel with someone or a group would be my advice.

Mister Growl: I noticed you rented Jurassic Park when you were visiting Area 51, and obviously you would travel to the island to see the dinosaurs if you could. Do you think you’d survive Jurassic Park, or would you be a Tyrannosaurus snack?

Ella Eranthis: LOL! I would survive! I have very good intuition.

Mister Growl: If you could visit any place tomorrow where would you go and what would you do?

Ella Eranthis: To Hawaii to scuba dive with dolphins and to film them underwater.

Mister Growl: You mention that Hollywood is “a place where a lot of weird people make a lot of money by pretending to be somebody else.” Who would play Ella Eranthis in a Hollywood film?

Ella Eranthis: Someone who can imitate my very weird not-belonging-to-any-country accent.

Mister Growl: On your Youtube channel you mention that you have a special holiday video on the way. What are your goals for the future, and what else can your fans expect in 2014?

Ella Eranthis: They can expect plenty more adventure. I will travel to many more places in 2014 and to other continents. My goal is to put more places in videos and show the beauty of this planet and hopefully inspire someone out there to take a trip too and to be more adventurous about life!

Many thanks to Ella for taking the time and giving us insight into her travels. Plus, she has Acid Bath on her iPod, how could the metal community not support her? With multiple experiences with hauntings, a hunger for exploration, and an appreciation for Dax Riggs’ sultry voice, she is the exact sort of modern-day adventurer metalheads can identify with and learn from.

Visit Ella's Youtube channel here and watch all of her videos:
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