Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I've had the pleasure of attending two art exhibits showcasing Aubrey Roemer’s work before burlesque shows at Pumps in Brooklyn, and it’s my pleasure to share her work with my readers here at Mister Growl. With dynamic use of color, bold use of texture, and even recruiting the Pumps talent as models for a recent series, I was blown away by the skill and vision on display.


Aubrey had the following to say about her work:

“My work consists of a mixture of painting, photography, and printmaking combined with sculptural tendencies. Thematically, the work centers around figuration that blurs into subtle abstraction. Additionally, ornamentation and patterning play a crucial role. Conceptually, I am interested in the place where highbrow and lowbrow art merge ­- a place where a used household textile is repurposed as a vehicle to lovingly portray an exotic dancer masturbating. The “jolie laide” aesthetic is integral in my work. I find disturbing and off-kilter beauty far more compelling than something merely pleasantly pretty.

“My painted surfaces are highly textured. I spray, stencil, gloss, wax, draw, wash, rub, blot, and smear paints, I prefer them tactile and visceral. In lieu of canvas, I often employ domestic fabrics, dirty dinner napkins, old lace curtains, used bed sheets, etc. as my chosen surface. Likewise, my photos are digitally rendered to the point where they transition into pixel paintings ­ they become otherworldly. Suffering from a severe case of chromophilia, my palettes are intense and diverse.

“My work is based upon real life people, places, and things that embody the idiosyncratic nature of our existence. Whether they are oozing obesity, dark lonely houses, death row inmates, or exotic dancers, each image is a kaleidoscope of humanity -­ a unique example of our collective cultural fabric. My process is equatable to a director casting roles, rather than an artist appreciating form with a virtuous paintbrush or camera. I reinvent my subject’s existence, placing them in a realm of delicately lush colors and textures. There, they can glow, shine, pop, sparkle, shimmer, crumble, or retreat into darkness.”

Many thanks to Aubrey for sending us plenty of amazing work to choose from! Between her use of black-light paints, dedication to outcast portraits, and even her photograph series (dead girls), her work would be great for metal band merch or album art.

Check out her official website for information on prints and more artwork: www.aubreyroemer.com

And check out her Tumblr to look inside the creative process: http://aubreyroemer.tumblr.com

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