Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Ramming Speed feels exactly how I feel.

Hey there, turkeys. It’s Decibel Magazine deadline time again, where I obsess over every word choice in my assignments before sending them over to the awesome editors who put up with my New York Mets rumors, dated film references, and crappy jokes. Just a quick update as a glimpse of what’s to come after this current wave of assignments is finished:

Decibel Magazine, issue #106: I had the chance to talk to the guys from Lesbian about their new 44 minute one-song album ForesTeleVision and write up a profile about mushrooms, lady space warriors, and the immensity of their sound. They’re really articulate dudes and the album is one of my favorites this year, definitely go check it out. I also wrote 2 reviews, bands to be named upon release of the issue.

Kung Fu Breakfast, issue #9: The next issue’s theme is “Cahiers du Fetiche,” including ruminations on fetish from KFB’s roster of madly talented artists. I dusted off an old prose poem from my first full book of poetry Lock the Doors, the Poet Feasts at Midnight and I am heavily revising it while adding an epilogue. Thrill killing and blood-soaked sex scenes, you know the drill.

Decibel Magazine, issue #107: Just interviewed Jonah, drummer of Ramming Speed, and will profile those Boston thrashers in the issue releasing at the end of July. Really nice guy with admirable positivity and energy. Can’t wait to see these guys come through Brooklyn with Valient Thorr and Gypsyhawk, their new album Doomed to Destroy, Destined to Die is a god damn game changer. I also have one review, band to be revealed upon release of the issue.

Kung Fu Breakfast, 4th of July side-issue: I’m also submitting a piece to a special holiday issue. The story is very seeeeeecret right now, mainly because I only have two paragraphs written. Expect my usual: Words, with occasional punctuation.

Mister Growl: Reviews on the way for a bunch of great bands, including, in no particular order: Unkind, Wilson, Black Sheep Wall, Coffins, and Noisem.

More to come soon! Catch ya later, goonies.

- Mister Growl

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