Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Happy Tuesday, motherlickers. A389 Recordings has posted their MMXIII Digital Mixtape, including 40 songs from their roster of excellent, depraved bands. If you work an office job like me but can wear headphones, this mix is the key to feeling like you’re paid to listen to outstanding heavy music. This delusion will lead you through the day and into the crusty fray as cuts from assorted sludge/crust/hardcore/everything-ornery-and-aggressive bands beat you silly and toss you to the sewer crocodiles.

There are a bunch of fantastic new songs here, from lurching psych-sludge (Pharaoh) to the sky-punching crossover attack of Integrity. Just a few quick notes regarding some of the new tracks: The Love Below and Vilipend both sound like they’re screaming on the way to an asylum. Eddie Brock’s new song features vocals that could punch right through Spiderman’s skull. “The Burden” by Junior Bruce is a formidable beast that has melodic tendencies, even if the vocalist’s throat sounds like it’s been shredded with whiskey and ground-up Fiberglass. If I had to choose one band that represents the diversity of this wicked label it would have to be Noisem, who rip, rage, and stomp through the barriers of a thousand sub-genres in their fantastic song “Severed.”

There isn’t a weak link in this mix. From Eyehategod and Ringworm to Mister Growl favorites (Young and in the Way/Ilsa) to dangerous bands already featured on this website (Iron Reagan/Ancient Shores/Cynarae), A389 has got your scarred, crusty ass covered.

Listen to the mix and check out the track listing over at the A389 Recordings website:  http://www.a389records.com/site/

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