Tuesday, December 30, 2014


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It’s that time of year, where I face a legitimate heavy metal Sophie’s Choice and somehow narrow all of the extreme releases I’ve enjoyed this year down to 50. 2014 treated me beautifully, with my very first screenplay sale, a continuing dream gig at Decibel Magazine, my own column dedicated to independent bands at About Heavy Metal, and several other projects I’ll discuss in more detail soon. I KNOW YOU CAN’T WAIT. But for now, it’s time to celebrate the end of the year the way journalists and critics know best: LISTS.

There are a slew of truly solid albums not listed here, and honestly, my rankings have fluctuated nearly every day for the past two months since I handed in my initial Top 40 list to the editors at Decibel Magazine. I have no doubt that if I look at this list in another year or decade, hell, even another week, the rankings could shift and shuffle depending on my mood, the cereal I eat, how crowded the subway is that morning, etc. Feel free to inform me how lousy my selections are, how overrated band A is, how album B is obviously the top selection of the year, and how I’ve terribly under-represented genre C.

2014 Top 50 Metal Albums of the Year

1.   YAITW – When Life Comes to Death
2.   Horrendous – Ecdysis
3.   Drunk Dad – Ripper Killer
4.   Pallbearer – Foundations of Burden
5.   Morbus Chron – Sweven
6.   Thou – Heathen
7.   YOB – Clearing the Path to Ascend
8.   Nux Vomica – S/T
9.    Cripple Bastards – Nero in Metastasi
10.  Bastard Feast – Osculum Inflame
11.  Black Anvil – Hail Death
12.  Septicflesh – Titan
13.  Midnight – No Mercy for Mayhem
14.  Vallenfyre – Splinters
15.  Giant Squid – Minoans
16.  Coffin Dust – The Cemetery, My Kingdom
17.  Down – IV: Part Two
18.  Atriarch – An Unending Pathway
19.  The Skull – For Those Which Are Asleep
20.  Wo Fat – The Conjuring
21.  Eyehategod – S/T
22.  Sea of Bones – The Earth Wants Us Dead
23.  Trap Them – Blissfucker
24.  Incantation – Dirges of Elysium
25.  Orange Goblin – Back From the Abyss
26.  Triptykon – Melana Chasmata
27.  Anguish – Mountain
28.  Baptists – Bloodmines
29.  Tombs – Savage Gold
30.  Opeth – Pale Communion
31.  Torch Runner – Endless Nothing
32.  Couch Slut – My Life as a Woman
33.  Funerary – Starless Aeons
34.  Wild Throne – Blood Maker
35.  Mutilation Rites – Harbinger
36.  Bongripper – Miserable
37.  Gatecreeper – S/T
38.  Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall
39.  The Oath – S/T
40.  Secret Cutter – S/T
41.  Cult Leader – Nothing For Us Here
42.  Godflesh – A World Lit Only by Fire
43.  At the Gates – At War with Reality
44.  Gurt – Horrendosaurus
45.  Drawers – S/T
46.  Atta – S/T
47.  The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer
48.  Vampire – S/T
49.  Agalloch – The Serpent and the Sphere
50.  1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go buy issue #123 of Decibel Magazine, where the whole staff selects the Top 40 Extreme Albums of the Year.

You can also check out a few of my other picks for the year listed on the 2014 Heavy Metal Awards at About Heavy Metal.

Check out all the other lists popping up around this time also and feel free to send Tweets about my questionable metal taste over to @MisterGrowl.


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