Friday, October 25, 2013


Hey art lovers! A Halloween-themed issue of Jiu-Jitsu Brunch (the Kung Fu Breakfast supplemental series) just launched, unleashing horrors of all varieties on those brave enough to download it for FREE. Despite my infatuation with the undead, I’ve never written a proper zombie story. UNTIL NOW. My short story, “Molly,” is the featured fiction piece in the issue, and has absurd humor and splatter and all the reanimated creatures you could want in a four-page story.

The issue also shares a gorgeous front/back cover from Caitlin Anne,as well as work from Mister Growl-favorites Brittany Bindrim, Jay Kantor, and Jessica Towne. Sam Guss chips in some twisted, sexy-as-sin photography, and Kendra Lin’s “Halloween processional” is beautiful and seductive.

You can download the issue here (WARNING: ADULT CONTENT):

And check out Kung Fu Breakfast on Facebook. Like them, follow them, and comment on what pieces you enjoyed. It means a lot to the artists:

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